Welcome to Editmode

Editmode is one place for all your content. It's designed to eliminate developer involvement when making changes to content of all kinds, including website copy, transactional emails and in-app product copy. In short, we provide the tools for developers to stop storing content in their codebase.

Here are some of things Editmode enables:

  • Allowing content changes to be made to websites and web apps without requiring a web developer to make the change.

  • Allowing content to be modified where it appears, directly inline on any screen it appears.

  • Allowing content to be changed and shared internally in-context before publishing to the public.

  • And lots more...

The Editmode Ecosystem

Editmode has been deliberately designed to be incredibly low-friction to get started with. Knowing how it works is not a pre-requisite to start using it, so you can skip this section if you like. But for the technical or otherwise curious, the following pieces are what makes Editmode work:

  • Editmode.com is where your content is managed.

  • Editmode.js enables inline-editing on any <element /> with a data-chunk attribute.

  • The Editmode API connects editmode.com to the Editmode client libraries.

  • Editmode client libraries make getting started with your framework or language of choice a breeze. We currently support the following frameworks:

Editmode for RailsEditmode for React

  • Editmode text editor plugins make using Editmode an integrated part of your developer workflow

Editmode For Sublime TextEditmode for Visual Studio Code

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