Editmode For Sublime Text

Editmode for Sublime is a simple plugin which adds a keyboard shortcut to Sublime Text, allowing you to instantly convert content inside to chunks - it will take the text, send it to the Editmode API which returns an identifier, and replace it with a Editmode helper. Used in conjunction with Editmode.js, it allows one to very quickly convert an existing site to be fully editable by anyone in a short space of time.


1. Install the Editmode Plugin using Package Control

2. Set your authentication credentials

  • Every open directory in Sublime is seen as a project. In order to

    apply project specific settings, you need to save the existing open

    project: Project -> Save Project As

  • I would recommend saving the project file in the directory you would

    like the settings to apply to.

  • Once the .sublime-project file is saved, open it and add the correct

    path and chunks authentication token

  "folders":[{ "path": "." }
  "settings": {
    "em_authentication_token": "YOURTOKENHERE", 
    "em_default_snippet_template" : "rails_erb",
    "em_snippet_templates" : {
      "rails_erb" : "<%= chunk('{label}','{identifier}') %>"

3. Open the project

  • Close the current folder or files in Sublime, then hit "Project ->

    Open Project" and open the project you just saved.


Select a piece of text and hit cmd + shift + L in any open file inside a configured Sublime project.

  • The em_authentication_token identifies the Editmode project where

    the chunk will be saved to. You can find this in your Editmode


  • The plugin adds a keyboard shortcut (CMD+SHIFT+L) which you can use

    with any open file in a project where you have already specified

    your em_authentication_token.

  • Select the text you'd like to replace, then hit the keyboard

    shortcut, and Sublime will send the text to the configured Editmode

    project, and add a view helper in it's place. (Currently this uses

    the rails view helper syntax, but this can be configured in time as

    we add more rendering plugins).

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